6 Habits of Super Trader

In movies, you all know, what are the roles of super heroes? They have super powers; they do it out of the box. So, you can relate a super trader with a super hero in the financial markets. What are the habits of a super trader that haven’t existed in amateur traders? Get info about SuperTrader and make your New year’s Resolution to be a Super Trader.

Let’s start guide on habits of super traders:

Habit-1. Consistent works on mindset:

You heard somewhere that “80% of the trading mindset and 20% of the strategies matter.” Yes, It’s true and add on the above line, only 10% to 20% people work on trading mindset . So, that’s why the ratio of super traders is low.
Super-Trader consistently works on the mindset part. However, they prioritize mindset than skillset.
In mindset work they always do meditation, positive affirmations, yoga and also read motivational books or videos. So, you have only choice to make a New Year’s resolution and work consistently on your mindset.

Habit-2. They rely on Backtesting of a setup”

Backtesting is only because of getting more confidence in the system/setup.
Super Trader backrests any system manually with one by one chart, which covers all cycles of the financial market. At least, Practice any setup on 40 charts.
By doing this, you will see how setup works and when it gives huge returns. And your confidence in the system increases. When you’ll implement with real money, you will execute flawlessly.

Habit-3. Accepting small losses in the stock market

I learned from markets, “Either cut your finger, or hand.”
It means planning your trade with the right stop loss and proper risk management. And super traders do the same, and they respect the markets when their stop loss is hit by an exit from that trade. They take small losses by give fees to the market.

Habit-4. Focus on the setup, not on the P&L

After backtesting the setup, the super trader executes that setup. The purpose of a super trader is to make better trades; money becomes secondary.
They consistently followed the system until it became second nature.

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Habit-5. Maintain trading journal

Why it’s important?

A trading journal is one of the most effective tools for performance management. It is where you record and review daily trades for better output and future reference. A journal can help you track progress as well as study mistakes made when entering or exiting a trade.

Take action and get your free trading journal template. And use it in your trading career like super trader.

Habit-6. Super Trader live balanced life.

Making money from the financial markets is not just sitting in front of a screen and pressing the buy or sell button. Like SuperTrader, they manage their trades along with other areas of life. They live a balanced life.

SuperTrader tries to maintain their life by working consistently on mind, body and soul. They also spend their quality time with relationships and also contribute to society. Out of this some of the super trader prefer their priority to spirituality.

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The new year 2023 is coming. As usual, everyone will make new years resolutions. And most people make their new year’s resolutions and goals at the end of December month. But according to the super trader, they plan their next year’s goals and resolutions 2-3 months before the year’s end.

So, you should take information from this blog and try to make your new year resolutions now.

And try to add the habits of super trader in your life.

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