How to Make 70% Returns with Equity Trading in India

Equity trading is the buying and selling of company equity shares in order to profit from rising share prices. You generally listen making huge returns in the equity share market is possible only with F&O and margin trading. This belief is stuck in your mind so you aren’t thinking more than this belief but huge returns in the capital market are also possible through Equity Trading without any big risk.

I made 70% returns in one trade in just 26 Days with Equity Trading in India. And this is not once, in the month of Feb-Mar 2022, as you all know, was the peak time of the Russia-Ukraine crisis; this system again gave 30% returns in just 15 days.

Equity Trading in India:

Equity or Cash trading is simply the buying and selling of equity shares using cash on hand rather than borrowed capital or margin. Most brokers offer equity trading accounts as a default account option. Since there’s no margin provided, these accounts are much simpler to open and maintain than margin accounts.

Discount/Online Brokers:

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In the capital market, cash equity trading refers to the trading of equities or stocks done by large financial institutions on major stock exchanges. For example, in India the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

You can make big money with equity trading or investing. But you only have the right knowledge and implement that knowledge at the right time.

Benefits of equity trading:

The following are the benefits of equity trading –

  • Investors receive equity shares in digital form in return for the cash invested in the company.
  • An investor or trader can hold equity shares for any duration.
  • The risk involved in cash equity trading is comparatively lesser than in future & derivatives.
  • Investing in equity shares for a longer duration reduces the overall risk to the investor.

As a beginner in the capital market, you should start with equity trading. By doing this consistently, you will easily understand the behavior of the market. And then you can diversify your portfolio and can use leverage trading.

You’re wondering:

Is there any setup or system which gives huge returns from Equity trading?

The answer is YES.

Equity Trading Setup That Made 70% Returns for me in a Month: CUP PATTERN

Concept of the Setup:

The Cup pattern is a long-term reversal pattern that is best suited for Monthly and weekly charts. It represents a long consolidation period that turns from a bearish bias to a bullish bias.

In short, the cup pattern consists of all phases of the market including declining, distributing, accumulation, and advancing.

Beginners and retail traders need to trade cup patterns because when you enter with cup breakout that means now you are in direction of the trend and Big players. So your chances of winning increase.

Pro Tip: Focus on the concept, i.e. there is a long reversal, consists all cycles of the market (Bearish to Bullish). Sometimes it gives an ideal “cup” shape or U- shape and sometimes a “V-shape”.

How it looks on the chart:

Example 1:

Cash Trading
GNFC (NSE) spot trading chart above, the time frame of the chart is WEEKLY. “U-shape or Cup shape”.

Example 2:

Cash Trading
TATA POWER (NSE) spot trading chart above, the time frame of the chart is MONTHLY. “V-shape”

Above the chart of TATA POWER with Monthly time frame, you can see after the year 2008 till the year 2021, a price below Rs 140 level, that means price get Rs 140 level is big resistance.

 A cup pattern is considered a bullish signal extending an uptrend, and it is used to spot opportunities to go long. The cup pattern is one of the oldest chart patterns you will find in technical analysis. In my experience, it’s also one of the more reliable chart patterns, as it takes quite some time for the formation to Setup and it passes through all cycles of the market (Bearish to Bullish).

Now, You’re wondering:

How do we trade with the setup?

The answer is in my book.

Cash Trading


But who grabs this opportunity? Only those people who are action takers. So, take action and



We can conclude that there is only a myth or misconception that making huge returns in the equity share market is only possible by F&O trading. It can be done by equity trading. And I hope you will take action to get complete knowledge about this System.

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