Ultimate Guide to TradingView:

Are you a price action trader? Are you an expert in chart reading? But you’re struggling to find the best charting platform to trade like a pro. Because charting platforms are our weapons in trading, and without weapons, you can’t win any wars. TradingView is a fantastic and one of the best platforms for charting traders, particularly those interested in price action trading and chart pattern trading.

In this tradingview guide you’ll be trained to use complete tradingview like a pro.

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What we will learn in this article:

  • Trading View overview:
  • TradingView Features:
  • Variety indicators:
  • Drawing Tools:
  • TradingView Screener:
  • Other products:

Trading View overview

Image Source: TradingView

When you open tradingview, in the open window, you’ll see a market summary and editors picks. Editors picks are posts that tradingview editors select to showcase on the front page. There are trading ideas and educational ideas by their members.

To open an account with tradingview is very simple. You just open your Google account and sign up. And if you’re a novice trader and want to use the free version, then It also offers a 30 day free trial.

As I mentioned this is one of the best charting platform, so, when you open chart section, such a window will open.

TradingView Features

Up to 8 charts per tap

Image Source: TradingView

When you click the box in the top right corner, you’ll see chart layouts. As you can see that up to 8 charts can be used per tab. If you’re a day trader, this feature will be helpful to you.

chart types – 12


At the top of the page, when you click the candlestick icon, you’ll get chart types. You can see there are up to 12 chart types that you can use. As a modern trader, mostly we use candlestick charts.

Bar Replay and Tradingview Alert feature:

For backtesting the setup, you’ll definitely require the feature of Bar Replay that helps you to identify how markets worked. And the alert feature helps you trade emotion-less. You can say this is semi-automation trading.

Trade with chart

Tradingview also provides the feature of buy/sell within the chart.

Variety indicators

Image Source: TradingView

It also provides a large number of variety indicators, as you can see in the above image. The most popular indicators we all use, that is moving averages, RSI, Bollinger Band, etc.

It also provides customizing indicators.


You can customize any indicator according to your requirements. And also you can use different colors in case of multiple same indicators.

Drawing Tools

Trading is not a profession, it’s an art. You have to master this. Every Price action trader definitely use these drawing tools.

Lines: Horizontal line and Trendline

Fibonacci Tool:

Rectangle: To draw support and resistance

Long/Short Position: To calculate Risk: Reward ratio, etc.

TradingView Screener

Why Trading View Screener?

It saves your time and energy, by filtering the stocks and giving you a few stock. Screener available for Stocks, Crypto pairs and Forex.

Other products

Time Frame of chart: There is different types of timeframe from the range of 1 min to 1 month. This is very important, if you’re a scalper then the smaller time frame you prefer and some one who are long term investor, then the higher time frame is useful.

Choose the market: For different markets.


This article is an all-in-one trading view tutorial for beginners. If you’re struggling to find a better charting platform, then tradingview is one of them. Tradingview also provides a 30 day free trail. And if you get mastery to use TradingView platform then upgrade your plans to pro version. Black Friday sale is also coming. So, you can take advantage of it.

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