Best 5 simple and effective candlestick chart pattern:

If you're a technical analyst, these candlestick chart patterns may help you in your trading career.

Body of candle: Open to close range Wicks: Low and high of the day Colour: Red for bearish and green for bullish


We can say DOJI is the most common single candlestick pattern. In DOJI, wicks are bigger than bodies, or we can say opening and closing prices are almost equal, so it made a thin body.

1. DOJI:

A single candlestick pattern has a body on top and a double body on the lower wick. Signal: A bullish sign

2. Hammer:

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Similar to the Doji, it shows uncertainty in the market. Pro tip: A spinning top with high volume can provide clear market direction.

3. Spinning Top:

It is made up of two candles, the first of which is bearish (a red candle) and the second of which is bullish (a green candle) and engulfs the first. a red candle with high volume.

4. Bullish Engulfing:

It is the opposite of Bullish engulifing.

5.Bearish Engulfing :

Pro Tip: Use these candlestick chart patterns with price action and volume that generate good results for you.

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